....For Danny Pirotta to steer the Historical and Legendary
Mark One Cortina
With a blown 427 Cammer Engine, running alcohol
Down the quarter mile as fast as she will go!!!


Springy Motors fitted up a Motec ADL Dash with 8 pyros, wheel, tailshaft, rpm speed, sensors to monitor clutch slippage, miles per hour, fuelling, also monitoring the usuals, like fuel pressure, boost, oil pressure etc.

We took the car out on Saturday 7th August, 2010
with the Wild Tommy Easton
For the first shakedown (so Danny doesn’t die prematurely!!!!)

We also had Robbie Radcliffe from the RUSSO Funny Car Team out to help out with the goings on.

Firstly, aimed to lay down a burnout and then roll to a stop.
Danny logged all necessary parameters.
Danny deemed the engine happy
Robbie deemed the car ready for a ½ pass shakedown
With Wild Tommy back at the wheel we went out again
Tommy layed down a nice burnout , backed up and staged
Launched – excitingly awesome
Laying down a 1.3, 60 foot time
This launch was only at 2,800 rpm
Then it all went a bit west and the Old Girl got outta shape a bit

Tommy, not really fussed, kept to it until she looked really hairy, backed off
Back to the Pits, back to the Drawing Board for some more setup work

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